Seeking Time and Talent: Grow With Us!

Dream of assisting a Non-Profit but think the time commitment is too much? We are seeking assistance in several areas with a wide range of time requests. Share with us how you can assist The Wildflower Initiative blossom and grow! 

**Email us a 1-page Resume/Bio, brief and descriptive with an objective on why you want to volunteer/join The Wildflower Initiative. We will respond to all inquiries! Email:

Time changes everything except something within us that is always surprised by change
— Thomas Hardy

The Wildflower Initiative

Time and Talent

Ready to be apart of The Wildflower Community? We are seeking assistance with the following positions:

Lead Event Organizer

·      Research markets to identify opportunities for event

·      Produce detailed proposal for events. i.e. timelines, suppliers, venues, legal obligations, staffing, and budget

·      Managing silent auction, raffle and overseeing all donated items, forms, tickets and complete oversight reporting to Board of Directors

·      Securing and booking venue

·      Presenting insurance legal, health and safety obligations

·      Organizing facilities for car parking, traffic control, security, first aid

·      Planning room layouts and entertainment schedule, scheduling workshops and demonstrations

·      Coordinating staff requirements and debriefings

·      Coordinating with Board of Directors

·      Preparing delegations packets

·      Coordinating suppliers and handling B2B and B2C inquiries

·      Assistance with ticket sales, posters, media, social media coverage, sales brochures

·      Set-up and dismantling of all event promotional materials

·      Pre and post evaluation of event

Event Coordinator

*Assistant to Lead Event Coordinator with reduced time commitment. Fully engaged and integrated on day of events and pre/post event operations.

Photography/Video/Multi Media Specialist

·      Knowledge of video editing, programming

·      Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Visual effects, Graphic Design and/or other like video software

·      Collaborate with Board of Directors on engaging, relevant, visually appealing content to engage our demographic

·      Direct, shoot and edit short videos for social media and online channels

·      Manage audio and video production hardware

Promotion Manager

·      Work with Board of Directors to create content for promotions

·      Send promotions through word of mouth, social media, advertisements, in-store displays, product endorsements

·      Assist in determining time line of promotions

·      Market promotions to businesses for donations

·      Organize and analyze donations with Lead Event Organizer for silent auction, raffles and donations.

·      Clear understanding of Call To Action

·      Press Releases

Social Media Manager

·      Assist the Board of Directions with managing written and visual content

·      Strong background in social media sites: Twitter, Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Vimeo and YouTube

·      Promotion of content

·      Understanding of CMS platforms

·      E-newsletter 

·      Strong ability to connect online with demographic and B2B/B2C

Media/News Affiliation/Contacts

·      Contact within media, news and other affiliates to promote The Wildflower Initiative Events, Brand and Awareness for the cause.

Lead Field Technician

·      Manage set-up, cleanup of all props, materials

·      Assist with video set-up, speakers, audio and visual presentation

·      Coordinate with Lead Event Organizer and Promotions on placement of all variables: silent auction, marketing materials, etc.

Wildflower Advocates

·      Create brand awareness through promotion of events on social media and through current network of friends

·      Like, Share and Request follows, likes from friends and family

·      Come to events!